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Many thanks to the following for my  Header:
Background: Green background with blue slash by David May:  Dreamstime14284607
Foreground: College kids looking at computer screen by Michael Flippo: 11751699
Website  Designer who put the header together and provided other help: The Orange Snowman: website design in Stuart Florida

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Website Host: HostGator – Their support staff have been incredibly helpful.
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Photo and Illustration Credits

Most of the photographs come from Dreamstime,  a royalty-free stock photo website Contact them at

Please note that all of their photos are copyrighted by the photographers and distributed by Dreamstime. If you wish to use them, you MUST go to the Dreamstimes website. You can look them up by the ID number.

They have free photos as well as photos that you pay a very reasonable fee for (but without a continuing royalty). I paid between one and five dollars for most of the stock photos I have used.

Other Photos and images: Many other pictures came from government or other fair use sites with pictures that can be used. Their source will be indicated.

My husband Bob and I took a few of the photos and are marked with out names.

If you are interested in using any of my photos or diagrams, or any of the pages I have written, please contact me.  I will be happy to give permission to use my personal material for use in classes or for other educational purposes but request that the source be noted.

Please do NOT use anything from this site on any websites that sell advertising.

Note: This list will be completed AFTER the websites are finished.

The illustrations are arranged by pages with
1. The name of the page
2. The title I use (photographers sometimes use the same title over and over or include misspelled words)
3. The dreamstime code where that applies
4. The photographer, where that is known.


Home:   Four happy students 12114739

Introduction:  Film and Digital 434095 Thorsten

Sun breaks through clouds 7009633 by Sandra Iacone

Symbolic Images:  Input Output Head  by Judy Fishel

Organizing Image: The Breakthrough Learning Organizing Image  by Judy Fishel