About Judy

About Judy Fishel

In a sentence, I am a retired teacher who still has a passion for learning, teaching and discovering new and more helpful Study Skills.

And note: I am not your teacher. If you leave a comment or question or send me an email, please just call me “Judy.”

I live in SE Florida with my husband, Bob. I enjoy bird watching, world travel, photography, reading and writing mysteries, gardening and playing with our four delightful grandchildren.Picture of Judy Fishel

While my husband and I were young, we traveled and worked for eight years in Asia. teaching short workshops. While in the Philippines I was Vice Principal at the International School just outside Manilla where I did a lot of teacher training. While in the Marshall Islands, I first taught in a small local elementary school and later in what was then the only public high school in the country.

My experience includes teaching all ages from infants through adults. I have worked in schools in many parts of the country. And I actually have taken classes in a total of 18 colleges and universities. All these experiences taught me a great deal about how to study.

I received several awards in teaching math and science including twice winning the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (once for elementary, once for secondary). I have made presentations at local, regional, and national conferences for Science, Mathematics, Multiple Intelligences, Critical Thinking, and Brain-Based Teaching and Learning.

My  passion for learning and finding new and effective study skills developed through these varied experiences. While teaching in Bristol, RI, I was part of a teacher group who developed a handbook of Thinking, Learning and Study Skills. This helped give names to methods I had already been using.

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A few of the schools where I studied:

  • 2 years at the University of Florida planning to study Biology
  • 2 years at the University of Chicago: AB in Philosophy
  • Chicago State University: MA in School guidance
  • Bridgewater (MA) State College: MA in Biology
  • Brown University: MA in ESL and Cross Cultural Studies (Thesis on Critical Thinking)

Yes, I know it’s crazy to have 4 degrees in unrelated subjects. But they all made sense at the time and they were all, more or less, related to teaching

In addition to these I took courses at 13 other colleges and Universities. It does make sense when you consider that I lived in many places and, as a teacher, was always required to take additional courses to update my credentials.

In addition to classes I took for credit, I often  asked professors if I could just sit in. This got me into graduate classes starting my freshman year of college. Even when just “sitting in,” I did all the assignments and took all the tests. After all, I was in the class to learn something and it was clear to me I wouldn’t learn much if I didn’t work at it.

Even in high school, I was bothered by the fact that what we worked so hard to learn was soon forgotten. I realized that I remembered information longer when I chose to study the subject. Information from required classes tended to disappear more quickly from my memory. In recent years I have found strategies to help students remember material much longer, perhaps as long as they want to remember it.

I am always excited to learn new strategies and I look forward to having students share strategies they have found helpful. If you are interested in perhaps writing a page or a blog for this website, check out the Participation link.

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