Contact Judy

Contact Judy

For most Comments,
you can use the comment spaces on the bottom of the page.

For most  questions and general comments:
you will want to use the Q & A    (Questions and Answers Page)

For PERSONAL Questions – questions you don’t want  printed on the website.

For questions from Parents and Teachers or other non-students that may not seem appropriate on the website – where you’d like a personal response.

Please email me at jjfishel (at)  …. change the (at) to the correct symbol of course.

1. Please include in message box – Breakthrough Learning College – Personal Question

2. If you are referring to a specific page, please name the page.

3. Please include your name, location (City and State, College Name and year in college –  if a student, City and Country if outside the US.)

4. And please include your email address.

DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. If there is a reason to send attachments, please contact me first and explain why it is important and send them only after you get my permission.

Please be patient. I sometimes travel or will be away from the computer.  My intention is to personally respond to each email in 1-3 days, but this isn’t always possible if I am out of the country.

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions.   Judy