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Exciting News

Last UpdatedTuesday, June 2, 2015 Exciting News: Book Published April 28, 2015: Publication of Straight A’s Are Not Enough. After years of research on the best (and worst) strategies for learning, I decided it was too much to add to the … Continue reading

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Edward Hughes Update

Edward Hughes is Real! Tony Buzan’s Miracle story really happened. And you, too, can use effective strategies to improve your learning, make fantastic grades and change your life. Learn the secrets that took a young man from mediocre grades to the top of the class and beyond. Continue reading

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Make This Year Great

Ten ways to make this year great: Start by seting guidelines with your roommate, writing your goals, and practicing time management. Add enough sleep and exercise, knowing your professor and your library and more. Continue reading

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A Most Thought-Provoking Book

The book is What the Best College Students Do by Ken Bain (2012) and I highly recommend it. Thought-provoking is such a great term. This book provoked great thoughts in my mind. The more I read, the more new questions and ideas come to me. Thought-provoking books are the best kind. Continue reading

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My Learning Breakthrough Moment

A textbook about 50 educators: How could I possibly remember who said what? The solution? An Advanced Compare and Contrast Chart or Matrix. Continue reading

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Falling in Love with Physics

I worried about physics – until that wonderful class. To my surprise, I fell in love with physics, took more classes, and taught physics. I wish all students readers could fall in love with a subject. Continue reading

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Student Loans

Students should avoid finishing college with so deeply in dept that it seems impossible to pay it all. Advice from columnist, Liz Weston. Continue reading

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Garden of Memories

Susan Spencer Wendel, facing Lou Gehrig’s disease, chooses to live joyfully planting a “Garden of Memories” for her loved ones. Students should intentionally plan memorable experiences with friends and keep journal and scrapbook of college experiences. Continue reading

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It’s NOT about straight A’s

Last UpdatedThursday, March 7, 2013It’s NOT about Straight A’s Look at the books on Study Skills. It is amazing how many promise “Straight A’s” Getting to Straight A+ How to Become a Straight A Student Straight A Study Skills Getting … Continue reading

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Colleges of the Future

Sal Khan, the man who created Khan Academy, has now written an important book beginning with the story and successes of Khan Adacemy. He goes on to discuss his personal vision of the university of the future with some poor ideas and some important ideas. Students should join him, sharing their own ideas of the furure of the university experience. Continue reading

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