Choices Can be hard to make

Choices can be hard to make

Life is the sum of all your choices.      — Albert Camus

You have to choose what classes to take, what organizations to join, who to choose as friends, how to organize your time, what to major in… The list seems endless.

College Life is one choice after another.  Life after college will also be one choice after another: What jobs to apply for? A job you like or a job with a big salary? Who to marry? To have children? To buy or rent? A used car or new car? Where to shop?…..It never ends.

Difficult choices: A cone with three scoops of chocolate ice cream Imagine visiting a wonderful ice cream store that offers 500 flavors of ice cream.It sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Five hundred? You can’t imagine even reading the list. But how can you choose the best flavor if you don’t read the whole list.?

Some people will give up in despair and not even step inside. They might end up at one of those places that make choices easy. Will it be vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate?

Back at 500 Flavors, let’s imagine a man, Pete, who shakes his head in despair. Since he can’t read all the choices, he simply cannot decide. He finally relies on his usual experience. “I always enjoy chocolate ice cream, that’s what I’ll have: chocolate.”

When the waitress asks, “Chocolate? Will this be chocolate fudge, chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint, French chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate-chocolate chip, chocolate pecan, double chocolate….

Pete shouts, “STOP. Please stop. I just want plain chocolate, plain, old-fashioned chocolate.”

I can imagine the waitress smiling as she responds, “Old-fashioned chocolate? That’s an excellent choice, sir. That’s one of our newest flavors.”

Pete might shake his head, knowing this wasn’t what he wanted, wondering what he was going to get. Too many choices are hard to deal with.

If Pete’s friend, Diego were to venture into a store like this, he might ask what the ten most popular flavors were. He might begin with what he liked: nuts, especially pecans and walnuts,  maple, and caramel. Pete might ask what they have with some mixtures of these.

How could the manager have simplified the problem?  Organization

1. The three old favorites: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate
2. 20 other traditional favorites
3. 20 varieties of Vanilla
4. 20 varieties of Strawberry
5. 20 varieties of Chocolate
6. Fruit flavors
7. Decadently Delicious flavors (not low-calorie)
8. Low calories choices
9. Nuts and more
10. The 20 most popular flavors
12. The 20 most recent flavors
13. The 20 really weird flavors
14. The 20 flavors for Halloween (or whatever the current season)
15. Adults only flavors (containing alcohol)
16. The Mystery flavors of the day. Three different scoops. Guess all three correctly to win a prize.

What information can help you make an intelligent decision?

1. If it’s a simple choice that won’t really make a different, don’t make a big deal of it. Just pick something based on instinct. It really doesn’t matter what flavor ice cream you select.

2.Self knowledge is often helpful. You can make a better choice about classes to take, what to major in, what career to work toward if you know your own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Learn the facts. Before making many decisions, it important to learn the facts first. If you plan to go see a movie, it would be smart to read the reviews first. If you want to choose a place to eat, you might want to know what kind of food they serve, their prices, where they are located, and what other people think about your food. If you are going with others, it would help to know their food preferences and if anyone in the group has food allergies or restrictions. If someone does not eat meat, you’d want to select a restaurant that has a number of vegetarian options.

4. If you need to make a personal decision, you might need to consider how it might affect you and other people. You should also consider your personal beliefs and values as well as your immediate and long-term goals.

Helpful Pages in the Website:

Self-Knowledge                    Wise Choices                    Social Decisions      

Goal-based Decisions        Personal Decisions

One example of decision that is hard to make, is choose what pages to read on this website. There are over 200 pages in this website but the design makes it easy for you to make a choice.

You might being with the Home Page which introduces the main ideas on the website.

You might then look at   The Symbolic Image  You will see three main sections of the website: The 12 Habits of Successful Students, 7 Learning Skills, and 44 Strategies under the category of Study and Mental Processing. Of there,  are 12 strategies for Verbal Strategies and 12Visual Strategies for for organizing information. There are 10 ways of thinking and 10 ways of memory.

If you go to   Links to the Website.   you will see 70 pages listed. If you have already selected an area of interest, it is easy to make a choice.

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