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 Exciting News: Book Published

April 28, 2015: Publication of
Straight A’s Are Not Enough.

After years of research on the best (and worst) strategies for learning, I decided it was too much to add to the website – that I needed to write this book.

Endorsed by Howard Gardner: Graduate School of Education – Harvard University

Endorsed by Daniel Pink: Author of Drive, To Sell is Human

The book even comes with a money-back guarantee so people who aren’t pleased with their purchase can send it to me and get their money back. I am that sure that when you read this book, you’ll want to keep it and perhaps even read it again. It includes a lot of the more recent research and includes several topics that are not on the website. It would also be a great high school graduation gift for friends who will be starting college next year.

To Compare this book with other popular books on Study Skills, Straight A’s Are Not Enough

1. Includes far more Research. Many of those books have NO endnotes or bibliography and NO index.

2. Is based on this Research while most of the others are based on common practices – study methods that have been used for a hundred years or more.

3. Focuses on Getting a GREAT Education based on each student’s personal goals, interests, and the skills they need to develop. Other books focus mainly on grades. When students focus on learning and deep understanding, they learn more and remember longer. Students who focus mainly on grades, once exams are over, soon forget nearly everything. That is not getting a great education.

4. Includes a section of What Employers Want Most. Many employers have discovered that students with straight A’s or the best grades do NOT have the skills needed on the job.

Straight A’s Are NOT Enough is currently available
on Amazon.com and BN.com and should soon be in many bookstores. It is also available as an E-book.

You can, of course, check it out on Amazon and read much of the first several chapters.

There is also a new website: www.choose-learning.com  This  website includes more information about the book including all of chapter 4. There are contests and a way students can “ASK JUDY” emailing me their questions – and I will respond.

I am looking for college students who would like to act as Student Ambassadors for the book. While this is not a paid position, it involves several possibilities for earning $1000 or more in your spare time. This would be a good learning experience especially for students studying business or education. Let me know if you are interested. The full details are on choose-learning.com.

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