Prepare for Future

Prepare for Your Future

Preparing for your future involves making choices. Should this fortune teller decide your future?

Some people prefer going to see a fortune-teller like the lovely young woman in the picture. Others have someone read tea leaves or Tarot cards. You could even look for your future by reading fortune cookies.

Many cultures have a system of “learning about the future.” It makes much more sense, however, to make your own choices. Will you lose opportunities if you continue to put off making these choices.

What Choices will you need to make?

Have you chosen your Major?
What kind of Career do you want?

If you are a Freshman, you have time to think about these questions. If you are a sophomore, you need to think quickly.

If you haven’t chosen your Major …
If you haven’t decided the kind of career you’d like …

What will you do this year to help you make some of those choices?

Perhaps you can take introductory classes in several fields that interest you.
Perhaps you can visit people doing the kind of work you think you would like. Ask them questions and observe them at work.

If you don’t start thinking seriously about your choices, when will you begin? You don’t really hope that one morning you will wake up and suddenly know what to study and what to do with your life? It won’t come to you on its own. You need to collect information, consider the best alternatives and begin working on a decision.

Imagine Your Future.  Picture yourself at Graduation.

The celebration is over. You will have all your belonging packed up and spend a few hours packing them into your parents’ car and them go home with them….. then what?

Wait. Maybe you won’t be going back home. You might not be  living in a dorm any longer. You might be planning to stay in your apartment until the end of the summer when your lease is up.  And then what?  Will you need to go back home and live with your parents?

Do you already have a job?

Have you already arranged a place to live?
Will you rent an apartment, by yourself or with others?
What other preparations will you need when you move into your new living space?

Will you still be looking for a job after graduation, or perhaps just be starting?

How will you go about it?
What kind of job will you be looking for?
How will you begin the search?
Where do you want to live?

Will you take whatever job is offered or will you find work doing what you really love and what you want to spend the rest of your life doing?

What about the more Distant Future?

Picture yourself in ten to twenty years

Will you be stuck in a dead-end job with no opportunities for advancement?
Will you be working your way up to a leadership position.
Will you be running your own business?
Will you be happy?

What are you doing NOW to prepare for the future you envision?

1. What will you need to know? What are your plans for learning this information?

2. What skills will you need to develop?  How will you learn and practice these skills?

3. Will you need to develop a strong network of contacts? What are you doing now to build this network including classmates, professors, and people already working in the field?

4. What kind of experience will you need to get the job you want? Are you finding ways to get this kind of experience now? Are you involved in school organizations where you might develop leadership skills? Do you have a part-time job that will help you develop the right skills?  Are you planning to get internships in the field?

It is YOUR Future. When will you begin to Prepare for it?

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