Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These “Terms of Use” set forth the terms and conditions that apply to your use of this website, www.breakthroughlearningcollege.com.

All Rights are Reserved.  All written material on the website is copyrighted by Judy Fishel except clearly indicated quotes. Note section below about photos, charts, graphs or other visuals. Most are copyrighted.

Link to this Site  If you think this information will be useful or interesting to readers at your site, please add a link.  You can use

www.Breakthroughlearningcollege.com   or  a page URL


1. Personal Use:  You have permission to email or print and share all pages with personal friends as long as the material is not sold and the source is given as described below.
from Judy Fishel’s website (or blog) at www.breakthroughlearningcollege.com  and mention the page title. You might also use the actual URL for the page (found at the top of your screen.) This does NOT apply to Blogs or Websites or Books.

2.  For Blogs and Websites:   You have permission to share 100 words or less and any  diagrams I have created ONLY IF you meet all these conditions.

1. Your website is about study skills, education, college students or is in some way  related to the material on this website.

2. Your website does NOT use advertising.

3. You  give the source as” from Judy Fishel’s website (or blog:)  Breakthrough Learning for College Students  at www.breakthroughlearningcollege.com  and mention the page title.

4. You link to my website either at the home page or the quoted page.

I would appreciate it if you would email me at jjfishel (at) gmail.com   – using the symbol for (at) – to let me know what you have used and the URL of your site.

To use more than 100 words, please request permission first providing
1. Your name and email
2. Your website name and URL,
3  A brief description of your site and what material you would like to use and how it would be used.

I am very likely to grant this permission as long as
1. Your website or blog is relevant (it is clear why you would use information from my site)
2. Your website or blog is not detected as being a dangerous site,
3. Your website or blog contains no ads

For Newspapers and Magazines

To quote material in a newspaper or magazine article, you have full permission to use a page or less (if the source is clearly provided).

You can use more if you request permission first. Obviously, my rule against ads applies only to blogs and websites. I have no problem with newspapers and magazines having ads.

You may use this material, as is or edited. You can do a review of the website, or an article including information or quotes from my site.  I would expect you to identify the source as by Judy Fishel at www.breakthroughlearningcollege.com

Please email me at     jjfishel (at) gmail.com –  using the symbol for (at)
to let me know:

1. Your name and the name and location of the newspaper or magazine.
2. What you are using and how it will  be used. If you want to use the material for a series of articles, you only need to ask permission once.

3. I would also appreciate having you mail or email a copy of the article including articles and any comments including any that disagree with me. I am always eager for constructive criticism.

College and University Newspapers do not need permission to print material as long as the source is included.  In fact, I would greatly appreciate having such newspapers share this information with students. You have permission to print a much as you like from the website pages or blogs, either as written or edited. You can also print it on a college website. Be sure to include the source including the website so students can look for further information.

Please provide a link to my website  – either the home page or the page related to your article.

The purpose of this website is to help students improve their study skills, to help students get a great education, to help students become life-long learners, and hopefully to help students enjoy learning more.

I would appreciate an email telling me what you are using.  If your newspaper plans to use information from this website on a regular basis, such as a weekly article – possibly reprinting a blog or using this information as part of student-written articles, you only need to share this information with me once.

If the newspaper is available online, please send me the URL so I can see what you are using from time to time. I would also appreciate emails with any student written articles using information from my site and any student responses to the articles.

For Books or E-Books

4. To use any of this material in a book or E-book, you may quote 50 words or less without permission but I’d appreciate an email to tell me about it.  To use more material, you MUST email me at    jjfishel (at) gmail.com  – using symbol for (at),   and get permission first.

NOTE: I will NOT charge anything for these permissions. I only want to be sure that this material is being used in appropriate ways. 

Pictures and other Visuals

Most of the photographs on this site are copyrighted by the photographers and distributed through www.dreamstime.com

You may NOT copy Dreamstime Photos from this or any other website.

If you want to use these or similar photos, please go to Dreamstime.com, sign in and pay their very reasonable fees for use of the photo. For the photos I used from their site, I generally paid from $1 to $5 each.

You should also be aware that MANY of the photos and comics found on Google Images are NOT free for you to use. They are copyrighted and you can be sued for using them without permission. It is not a good idea to use them, hoping that nobody will know. It isn’t worth the risk.

Many of the pictures on this website show the dreamstime ID when you hover over the image.

There are also a few photos that my husband or I have taken.
1. My husband took the picture of me found on the page, About Judy. You can certainly use this picture in newspapers reporting on the website or when printing material from some of the pages.
2. I took the picture of the bird called the Southern Screamer. Feel free to use it.
3. When you are not sure about the source of a picture or image, please email me at   jjfishel (at) gmail.com     giving the page where you found the picture or image and describing the picture or image you are interested in.


Some images like maps and diagrams were found on government and other Fair Use pages. Their sources are usually noted so you can go to the original source. You can generally find these or similar fair use images by searching for something like “Election Map fair use” and begin by looking at sources ending in .gov  And, because they were from fair use sources, you are legally permitted to copy them from my site.

I created many original charts and diagrams. These include the Symbolic Images and many of the visuals used in “Visual Strategies”.  Most images give information on the sources. College newspapers and other newspapers may use them when related to an article. Others should email me for permission.

Links to Third-Party Websites

Breakthrough Learning sometimes provide hyperlinks from this site  to third-party websites for your convenience. We are NOT responsible for the contents of and third-party website or hyperlinks in the linked-to website.

Links from other sites to this site

We are happy to have you link to this site and, if you let me know about it, I will consider linking to your site,  but please be aware that –


Why am I against sites with Advertising?

People are sure to ask this question. There are two main reasons.

1. When I go to a website or blog where I have to wade through all the advertising, I am definitely annoyed. Frequently there is more advertising than content. I immediately suspect that the site was created to earn money, not to share content. Yes, I have been to some very good websites that include advertising, but not often enough.

2. Websites with a lot of advertising often steal content from other websites. I have seen several software programs that offer to help you try to get rich.They suggest that you  create websites on subjects you aren’t interested in and know nothing about.

First, they explain how to find the most “valuable” key words, words that are frequently searched for with little competition.  The software then helps you find content. They direct you to existing websites where you can copy and steal content. The final result is a jumble of information from several legitimate websites mixed in with as many ads as possible. These sites often create little or nothing at all that is original.

I’m obviously not against quoting sections of a website and giving the source.  But I hate wading through dozens of these sites with stolen information to find the true source. And I really don’t like the idea that they are earning money by using material someone else worked hard to create.