Inspired by the Olympics

Inspired by the Olympics

Watching the athletes young and old winning events and receiving their medals was wonderful but that wasn’t what inspired me most.

Along with the medal winners, I was also inspired by athletes who didn’t win, even those who came in last. They all had lofty goals. They all spent years in preparation. They all gave it everything they had. In my mind, they are all winners. They are all inspiring.

Every time you hear one of the athletes tell their story, they describe the many years they worked for this, how they gave up a normal life to spend years preparing to compete Some considered giving up but chose to stick with it.

What about the rest of us? Most of us are never going to be Olympic athletes.  But we can still learn A blind runner from Kenya is helped by his brother.from their example.

The picture on the right shows two inspiring runners from Kenya. Francis Thuo Kuranja on the right is blind and wanted to keep running. Here he is helped by his brother, James who could obviously have run faster if he ran alone. They are running together in the 2009 half-marathan in Prague. They also ran in a 5K run in Vienna. Francis won a silver medal in the Beijing Para-Olympics in the 5000 meters. He also ran the Boston Marathon with the help of two Boston runners because his brother couldn’t go with him. They obviously trained long and hard much like the runners who came in first place.

It is difficult to imagine a blind man choosing to run in marathons and winning a silver medal in Beijing. The website, Light for the, says his message is “to encourage more people with disabilities not to give up and try to give them hope for their future lives.”

Francis Kuranja was passionate about running and about inspiring others with disabilities. Have you found something you are passionate about? What goals have you set for yourself? Are you willing to work tremendously hard to reach these goals or is it just wishful thinking?

The beginning of the school year is a good time to examine your goals, not just for this school year but  for what you want to do with your life. It’a a good time to th what you are passionate about.

You might take a look at these pages    setting goals  and   find your passion.

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