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Links to pages on Learning Differences/ Disabilities

LD Homepage or Introduction – You have probably just read this.

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LD Overview – Read this and read it again. This page could change your life.

LD  First Steps – Everyone should also read this page.

Dyslexia Introduction

—–Dyslexia – Reading Problems

—- Dyslexia – Problems with Handwriting

—- Dyslexia – Problems with Spelling

—- Dyslexia – Problems with Math (Dysgraphia)

—- Dyslexia Success Story  Tony’s Story  part 1

———-  Tony’s Story part 2

———–Tony Reads  part 3

———- Tony in College and Strategies he used. Tony part 4

ADHD Introduction

—- ADHD College

—- ADHD Strategies

—– ADHD Success Stories

Asperger’s Syndrome Introduction

—– Aspergers Success Stories

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