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The Twelve Habits of Successful College Students

The Six Personal Habits

1.  Self-Knowledge

Strengths and Weaknesses           Learning Skills and Styles

Personal Values  and Beliefs       Your Feelings and Emotions

Find Your Passion

2.  Healthy Habits:

Healthy Eating          Drink Water              Enough Sleep

Regular Exercise                Avoid  Addictive Substances

3.  Self Control:  

 Control Emotions          Manage Stress              Relaxation

Solving Personal Problems         Avoid Addictive Behaviors

4.  Wise Choices:   

Goal-based Decisions                   Social Decisions

Personal Decisions                      Avoid Addictive Behaviors

5.  Insightful Social Skills:

Making New Friends         Work Together          Practice Compassion 

 Participates in Campus Organizations        Leadership Skills

6.  Positive Attitudes:

Self-Confidence                   Self-Motivation

Determination                      Open  Mind

The Six Habits for Learning

1.  Set Challenging but Realistic Goals:  

Long-term Goals              Short-term Goals

Create Study Plans          Educational Goals        Personal Goals

2.  Get Organized:

Time Management             Organize Space

Organize Materials            Budget Your Money

3.  Good Classroom Habits

4. Good Homework Habits

5.  Test Preparation    includes how to study for tests in 12 steps

6.  Independent Learning

Independence In College      Lifelong Learning       What Employers Want

 Strengthen Learning Skills

 Input Skills:            Reading               Listening            Taking Notes

Output Skills:            Writing                  Speaking               Test-Taking Skills

Both Input and Output:                          Learning with Computers

 Mental Processing Strategies:
the meaning of study

Verbal Processing Strategies   

Ask Questions                          Reading Notes

Outline                                        Summary

Discuss, Debate, Argue           Explain

Thesis                                          Evidence and Examples

Telling Stories                         Metaphors

Journaling                                Evaluate & Critique

 Visual Processing Strategies

Mathematics                            Statistics 

Diagrams                                  Maps

Timelines                                   Flow Charts

Cause and Effect                     Webbing Relationships

Concept Maps                           Branching Diagrams

Compare & Contrast              Matrix Charts

Ten Ways of Thinking        

Scientific                                   Mathematical

Analysis                                     Decision Making

Synthesis                                  Critical Thinking 

Judgment                                 Creative Thinking

Strategic Thinking                 Problem Solving

 Ten Ways of Memory

Rote Memory                        Practical Memory

Mnemonics                            Relational Memory

Visual Memory                     Kinesthetic Memory

Auditory Memory                Storytelling in Memory

Scheduled Reviews            Multiple Pathways

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