Malala’s Message

Malala’s Message

People old and young all across the globe know the name, Malala Yousafzai. We know about the courageous girl who began blogging when she was 11, and recently was shot for her views. Picture of Malala YousufzaiWhat did she blog about?

1. How much she loved Allah and Islam.
2. How much she loved her country.
3. Cheering for Pakistan’s athletic teams.
4. How important it is for all girls (therefore all children) to get an education.

And for her love of education, Malala , a 15-year old girl, was shot. People from all over the world and of all religions are praying for her recovery. The only nasty remarks on her website are from a few Pakistani men who express their views in crude language.

We  admire Malala both for her views on education and for her courage.  Ninety schools in Pakistan have been attacked by the Taliban in 2012. Most of Malala’s classmates had stopped going to school because they were afraid. Malala knew the danger and continued to stand up for her rights and for the rights of all girls to be educated.

But this blog is NOT about Malala. It is about the rest of us. It is about YOU.  Strange how so many students complain about having to go to school instead of appreciating their right to an education.

I am asking you to do two things:

1. If you live in a country where education is available to every boy and girl, be grateful for the wonderful opportunity you have.

2. Speak out against injustice. Malala decided not to accept her world the way it is. She dared to speak up. Think about what you cannot accept  and dare to speak out.

You might speak out on behalf of women’s rights, for education, or….
—  for the poor, the homeless, and those who are hungry while we have enough to eat
— for the physically and mentally disabled people who hope to be treated with respect
— for those who are sick but cannot afford the medicines
— or perhaps for the people you see every day who are lonely and discouraged, people who would appreciate a friendly smile, a friend to talk to, someone who cares.

What injustice do you need to speak up about?  What do you need to do today to make a difference in someone’s life?

Look to Malala for inspiration. It might take courage to speak up on controversial topics, but no, you are not likely to be shot for what you say or do.
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