We Welcome Your Participation on this Website

We are excited about having students (and others) add their contributions to this website.

How can You Participate?

1. Write a Blog.  It should be between 100 and 300 words. It would be helpful if it fits into an existing category but exceptions can always be made.

2. Respond to an existing blog or page. You may have different ideas or a different perspective that would be appreciated by other students. Completely negative comments are not very helpful, but suggestions for improvement are always appreciated.

3. Write an article that might work as a website page. I would especially appreciate well-written pages about how you and other students use (or could use) computers to help you learn faster, understand more, remember it longer and make better grades.

The perspective of 21st century students will be extremely helpful. I read a lot about 21st century students but personal experience is always best.

The perspective and input from students all around the world will also be very helpful. Teaching methods may differ in various parts of the world. Please include your location (city and country) if you live outside the US.

4. Share suggestions for studying in a specific field such as learning a new language, computer classes, art and music classes and others that are different from the lecture and textbook based courses.

5. Please contribute to the section of Learning Differences. I will be sharing the experiences of our son, Tony, who is severely dyslexic but survived college and graduate school and reached his goal of teaching HS Physics.  I’d appreciate any information, long or short about you or your friends with learning differences.  Share the problems, the success stories. and the strategies that were most helpful.

6. Share a concept map, chart, diagram or other visual you have created.

7. Send us information about a good book or website you think we would find helpful. You might also suggest ideas for additional pages or new blogs. ALL input is greatly appreciated.


Anything you send us should be your own work.

By sending us the material, you are granting us permission to use it in this website and related future websites (like Breakthrough Learning for High School or for Adult Learners. You are also granting permission for us to include this material in a future possible book on Learing Skills. If you do not or cannot grant all these rights, please explain.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any of these submissions. If there are multiple submissions on the same topic, we will try to select the best one.

We reserve the right to do minor editing for length, clarity, grammar, spelling, language, etc. If we do major editing, we well return it to you for your approval before publishing.

To Submit:

It you are sharing a book title, a website, or making a suggestion, simply send an email.

If you are sending a blog or article you have written, please paste it into the body of the email.

If you are sending a visual or any material not easily pasted into an email, please email me first to get permission to send an attachment. I will never open an attachment if I have not previously approved this.

If you prefer to send material snail mail, contact me for the appropriate address. My summer and winter addresses are different.

We want to credit you for your submissions (blogs, articles, and visuals, especially) so please provide the way you want your credits written. For example you might write:

Thomas J. Butternut, a senior in Physics at the University of Chicago;  T.J.B. freshman studying creative writing;  Tom B. grad student, California; Tom and Mary at FSU;  T.B., UC Davis Sophomore;  adult student;  Sushila from Hyderabad, India;  Chemistry major: Professor of Anthropology in  Japan; Junior failing biology, Mother of a college freshman;  HS Guidance Counselor, Not a student but a Lifetime Learner; or anonymous.  You can also find other similar ways to identify yourself.

You should however include your real name and email so I can contact you if necessary.  DO NOT INCLUDE ATTACHEMENTS unless you first explained in an email what sort of attachemnt (like visuals) you want to send and get my permission.

You can  email it directly to 

   jjfishel (at)   using the symbol for at, of course.

In the subject box, please write: Breakthrough Learning College Participate.

I will do my best to respond to each email in 1-3 days unless traveling or otherwise away from my computer.


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