Anger Management

Anger can cause extremely serious problems

Do you lose your temper frequently?A very angry young young man points at us.

Have you ever hit someone when you were angry, jealous, or upset?

Have you threatened people because you were angry, jealous or upset?

Have you ever considered hurting yourself to show someone how upset you are?

Do you ever drive recklessly or speed because you are angry or upset?

If so, you have a very serious problem. If there is any danger that you will hurt someone else or hurt yourself, if you have behaved this way for a long time, you should not try to deal with it yourself but get professional help immediately !

Talk to a doctor or school counselor. Tell them what your problem is. They will know who you should see for help. Sometimes they might suggest having you  participate in an anger management group. Sometimes they will suggest working with a psychologist.  You might also try using the suggestions on the page in addition to getting professional help, but you should NOT depend on these to solve a serious problem.

Why is it important to control your emotions?

If you sometimes feel or act like the young man in the picture, if you frequently lose your temper. If you even think about hitting someone, you need understand that your anger or lack of emotional control can cause serious problems.

1. Anger  interferes with learning. It is difficult to concentrate on a lecture or on the book you are studying when you are upset. This, obviously, leads to making poor grades.

2. Your anger makes it more difficult to make and keep friends. Most people get upset when they watch other people lose control of their emotions. They may be afraid you will lose your temper and scream at them.

3. This behavior often causes the breaking up of relationships and, in marriage, is a frequent cause for divorce.

4.  When you are looking for a job, your inability to control your temper will make to difficult to get and keep a job.

5. The stress you experience can cause you many different health problems.

6. People who cannot control their emotions, often discover they cannot or choose not to control their drinking or use of drugs. You may become an alcoholic. You might end up addicted to drugs. This will lead to other, even more severe consequences. You are more likely to flunk out of college or be expelled.

7. If you lose your temper and express your anger physically, it will only get worse. You may eventually hit someone, possibly a good friend, perhaps a girlfriend. You could hurt them seriously or even kill someone. You may end up in prison if you do not learn to control your anger.

Losing control of your emotions and your temper will cause you nothing but misery.  Begin by recognizing how serious your problem is. Make a decision to do something about it.

If your problems are not yet serious

If you lose your temper less than once a month

If you rarely lose your temper but often get angry and manage to control it

If you never have the desire to hurt yourself or someone else

If you sometimes say things to people that hurts their feeling,

If you need to learn ways to control your anger,

go to  Ten Steps to get your anger under control

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