Simplified African Map

Simplified African Map

Let’s begin with the assumption that you need to learn all the countries in Africa. Maybe it’s for a test. Maybe you plan to travel in Africa.Bare outine of the African Map  If you look at a map, you might be convinced it’s hopeless.

You can certainly draw a simple pattern like this.

Africa is divided into two main parts, the north and the south.

Could you divide it any further and name some of the countries?

Below, you will find the next version of my simplified map. But this time, it is no longer simple. There are many countries in Africa.

I would suggest learning the countries in at least four sections:
1. All of the top except the expanded section,
2. The  expanded section
3. The top section of the Southern part
4. The lower section of the Southern part.

The Africa map now has all the countries drawn in.

Again, most of the countries are drawn with straight lines to make it easier.  The section on the right is the expanded section from the left side of the map. Actually, on the final map, It was necessary to expand another section to have space to write in the country names.

Before I began working on this map, I could perhaps have located 8-10 countries. I could have named many more but not known how they fit into the map. How many can  you actually locate on the map?  I had an advantage since I visited Kenya last year to go bird-watching.

Here is the final map. I have learned a lot working on these maps.

All of the countries have now been labeled

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