Simplified Mapping

Simplified Mapping makes it easier to study a Map

A very simplified version of South America: a lower triangle topped with a quadrilateral. It takes many tries to take a complex, detailed map and simplify it so it is easy to draw and easy to remember. I began with a fairly easy continent: South America.

The first line was the vertical line that is now the left side of the long triangle. Next I added the quadrilateral on top. Then I connected the right point of the quadrilateral to the vertical line to form a long triangle.

People who are familiar with South America can probably visualize Brazil to the left of the quadrilateral, Chile along the left of the triangle, and Argentina in the rest of the triangle.

These are fairly easy. It is the rest of the countries that are harder to visualize on the map. Could you add ten more countries?

Now all of the countries are shown but not labeledIt will be easier on the next step of the map.

Notice that you could copy the map fairly well without much problem. It uses fairly simple straight lines.

If you are familiar with South America, you might be able to label them with this sort of map.

What are the three very small countries side by side?

What are th two countries just above and just below the line that separates Brazil and Argentina.?

And then, there are the countries around to right side of the quadrilateral.

Finally with come to the completed map.
The completed map with countries labeledWith a simplified map like this one, you can learn all thirteen countries are with very little difficulty.

The next simplified map I have attempted to draw is of Africa. If you feel brave, you might try to draw a simple map of Africa and label as many countries as you can.

Simplified African Map

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